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Fluid Edge Themes

Subscription Management

Enabling publishers to manage print and digital subscriptions in the cloud. Manage sales, payments, renewals, registrations and reader data and connect with digital fulfilment platforms for instant content delivery for digital audiences.

Magazine Apps

Our magazine app platform powers thousands of magazine titles on app stores worldwide. Bringing interactive content, subscription management and archive search to mobiles and iPads for the world's most progressive publishers.


Digital Editions

Flickread is our PDF to Web page turner platform that enables publishers to convert and enhance their magazine PDFs to HTML5 for online audiences. The platform provides access controls, analytics, archive search and is used by thousands of titles globally.

Brochure App Platform

Working with brands worldwide to deploy branded interactive brochure apps on Google Play, Apple's App Store and Amazon Fire. Enabling instant global distribution of company brochures and catalogues with live updates, push notifications, & analytics.

Postcode Lookup

Automatically populate address fields with a Postcode using the Pcode postcode API. We have a number of easy plug ins and easy to follow instructions to ensure the quick and accurate entry addresses in your web site, CRM and accounts systems. A low cost solution that pays for itself in no time.